Saturday, 9 March 2019

Face Contouring Journey x Veritas Aesthetics

I'm back to with a blog post on my Face Contouring treatment with Veritas Aesthetics!
YESSS this is not my first treatment that I have with them!
My horrible red pimple scars/acne problem was also being treated at Veritas previously.
You can check out 2 posts below (Scroll down) :D

I have been receiving quite a lot of enquiries on the face contouring treatment and many have been very astonished by the results that I have been sharing on my instagram account (@tintedwhiteroses).
 So yeappp, I have decided to do a blog post to document my journey thus far.
 Throughout the post, I will go through some common questions that I get a lot from my followers via my DMs/emails.

If you know me and seen me in real life, I always have this baby fat on my lower cheeks which I never seem to be able to get rid of. Even back then in 2013 when I was at my slimmest, I can never seem to rid those baby fat completely off my lower cheeks.
And yes it is a bane of my life because now that I'm older, this baby fat on my cheeks are no longer CUTE at its position but now starting to sag, which makes me start to feel like a bull dog :( :(

I mentioned to this problem with Dr Chua and he suggested that I should try out this Face Contouring treatment.

Face Contouring treatment uses Radio Frequency and heat to stimulate the collagen underneath your skin.
That results in:
1. Fat Burn
2. Immediate Skin Tightening
3. Re modelling of skin for anti-wrinkle effect.

As you can see the before and after (Both have no make up on my face), you can clearly see a lift on my pancake face and 

BEFORE                                          AFTER


Nope, this treatment does not involve needles at all and it is not like BOTOX.
The nurse will cleanse your face, remove make up, etc.
Then they will apply this treatment gel on your face, and after that they will administer the machine, which requires a constant temperature of about 40-41 degrees to be applied on your skin. 

This is a very safe procedure. so do not be afraid of getting your skin burnt! It is not anything like that.
On a personal level, I can tolerate heat pretty well so I like this sensation on my skin.
Your skin will have mild redness after the treatment, but it goes away real quickly, within 1 hour it will be gone. (In my experience thus far)



I am sad to say, in the real world, nothing is forever.
This treatment goes hand in hand with your diet.
You see, this treatment burns away the fats on your skin, so if you don't maintain your diet, the fats will go back to your face again.
So for better and long lasting effects, my suggestion is to cut down on your carbssssss.
This treatment acts as an aid to remove your stubborn fats on your face.  
For people like ME, cutting down on my carbs doesn't even help so this treatment is like a wish come true for me.


yeh this is the NEXT question that I would get following the first hahaha
This treatment acts as an aid to remove your stubborn fats on your face.  
I would say that it is good for:
1. People like ME, cutting down on my carbs doesn't even help so this treatment is like a wish come true for me.
2. If you have a photoshoot/ important next day and you feel your face is FAT and yknow, you really wanna have that V face effect immediately, 


*and oh yes did I mention, this treatment could be also used for the body as well*
Yes you saw it right, this treatment it also applicable to stubborn fat areas like your tummy, thighs, arms as well!

ok, I just finished my 3rd treatment session and VIOLAAA


To be honest, I haven't been very very strict on my diet.
I have been trying to cut down on carbs, snacking during work hours because I really really want to keep that effect going.
But yet during Fridays and weekends when I meet my friends up, I will indulge in dinners like my favourite TRUFFLE FRIESSS ( omg something I can never give up, potato )
I can't say for sure and promise you that if you do XXX number of sessions, it is guaranteed that you will get the ideal face shape you want, because it really varies from individual. 
So yeahhh, many of my friends commented that my face does seem slimmer now and marrionette lines are not so prominent now because some weight is lifted off my cheeks LOL
and personally I am really really pleased with the results!

So so happy that I have a slimmer V face for CNY period where everyone snacks and indulges in yummy food/heavy dinners!

Do check out my highlights that I have created; labelled "VERITAS" 
on my instagram profile: @tintedwhiteroses for my journey thus far!

I hope you find this blog post comprehensive and informative enough on the treatment :)

Keep a lookout on my instagram for more, thanks for reading! 


Friday, 25 January 2019

Random thoughts

Hi there,

It's been awhile since I last updated this space of mine.

Beats me why I had this sudden urge of penning down these random thoughts of mine here hahaha don't ask me.

We are 26 days into the new year of 2019 now.

On the last day of each year I would look back on what I have done in the year and pen down a summary of events that happened/impacted me someway or another and share them on Insta/facebook, wellll because these memories or how I am feeling at the moment would be penned down and it sort of gives me a record on my goals in life/ whatever I experienced throughout the year itself (Were there any self growth? What have I accomplished throughout the year?)

Just when I thought 2016 was the most painful year I experienced, 2017 came.

2017 was a year of picking myself up, being stronger, learning how to put emotions aside to focus on what mattered in the beginning half the year. Then came the second half of the year which I started on picking up things that I liked doing again, I wanted to start a career on Marketing and Communications related job; which I have been indirectly doing for a sideline these years.
I graduated from UOL (FINALLY OHGOSH, it was such a painnnn, yknow it was such a pain till I never ever want to study anymore after this).

I would say this is the biggest accomplishment I had in 2017, second being starting on a career that finally is of my interest, instead of taking up whatever banking roles that are offered to me. On a personal growth level, I started to take that step out to pursue things and experience life a little; I went for my first Zoukout event in 2017 hahaha wellll I may be late but better than never.
Honestly Zoukout events were never a must for me to attend but I am glad that I experienced it at least once this lifetime, esp when there was ROBIN SCHULZ and Marshmello on set?

2018 came, with a dull heart ache because I was reminded by the past and I wouldn't deny it affected me a little. Yknow those instances there the emotional tidal wave just hits you and you start feeling sad HAHA but im thankful that I wasn't alone and I brushed that emo feeling quickly thanks to my 2 friends who were with me, it was an awesome new year's day to remember.

We went up to DBS MBFC level 42's huge meeting room to watch the fireworks at 12am but it backfired because it was raining and the wind blew smoke towards us so the fireworks were covered with smoke LOL, after that we went to a random clarke quay bar and joined in the fun of dancing together with random people and singing loudly till a good 3am because everyone just seemed drunk at the moment. We caught the first train back because we couldn't get a grab and end up stranded at The Central, sitting by the stairs and played random games to pass time till 5:30am. It was truly a night to remember and I was really really happy.

2018 came with a struggle. Honestly I hadn't much goals of the beginning of the year and I fell into the work-eat-sleep cycle and I was just moving on along with life. Along the way I allowed myself to fall into this abyss further and I wasn't even aware how deep I fell into it, how much I have changed; physically and mentally. The scariest thing was that I thought I was OK and I didn't realize how much this unhealthy lifestyle was eating into me. I thought I was just tired from everything so I just wanted to sleep and sleep and more sleep, no energy to do anything else more. It was my friends who saw the red flags in my drastic change in my lifestyle and demeanor. They gave me wake up calls; telling me that I was definitely not OK and I need to pull myself out before it becomes detrimental.

This was when I started re-evaluate my life again.

Enough is enough and I need to find myself back again. Taking a step back, I realized that I was off my track from my initial goals and I wasn't happy. I looked at myself in the mirror and I didn't like who I saw.
There were couple of times there were so many things that I wanted to do but I always thought to myself, there's always a next time, just shelve it for now. I sacrificed so much family time and was missing out so much more in life and I shouldn't be living this way; I should do something for myself, enough is enough. I am not getting any younger either.

Thanks to the support and help from my family and friends, I am glad to say that I am in a much better place now and definitely happier. Sometimes we get too comfortable with life till we forget to live a little, for ourselves and what it is like to be truly happy.

Towards the 2nd later quarter of 2018, I slowly started to find myself back again, doing things that I like to do, I went out of the banking industry and a took on a role that would bring me nearer to my end goal. Welll I would say that this current role offers it's own challenges but there will be a lot of self growth for myself. It wouldn't be easy because I was never specialized in this role but I am glad that I was given this opportunity.

I wrapped up 2018 by going for my very first SOLO trip to Seoul HAHAHA I received so many shocking DMs and well wishes on insta and whatapp messages on the day that I posted on my instastory that I was on a plane going solo to Seoul.

LOL yeah this is something Steph would never have done and honestly this was an impromptu decision. Everyone who knows me irl will know that I cannot read maps, am such a klutz and definitely the last person you would think that would go on a solo trip hahahaha

I am glad I took a step out of my comfort zone and made it happen. It was truly an experience that I would never forget. I went for ASTRO's concert, experienced winter and Xmas in Seoul all for the first time.

Come to think back about it, all my travel trips in 2018 were all impromptu decisions. Tickets were booked like 2-3 weeks before my actual trip, itineraries were planned along the way hahaha welllll if not now then when right? Last time I would spend my monies on like the latest releases of blogshop clothes or buying that bag/shoe which I really like but now all my monies are spent mainly on travelling LOL, such a expensive hobby to upkeep.

For 2019, I would say that I will want to focus on working towards being the best version of myself; Growing myself further as a person, experiencing life a little more and pursuing things that I truly want to do.

I would like to thank everyone who have always been with me when I hit rock bottom and for pulling me out, staying by my side and not giving up on me. I cannot put my appreciation and thanks in words exactly, but my heart is full to have all of you.


Sunday, 22 October 2017

Veritas Medical Aesthetics - My JOURNEY TO BETTER SKIN PART 2

Hi guys, I know it's been awhile *WAVES* :D


I've been so so caught up with life and work these few months =/
It has really been exhausting for myself honestly and I'm really thankful that I did manage to take a short breather away to Batam :D        

Image may contain: 2 people, people standing, child and outdoor

ANYWAYS, if you guys follow me on my instagram and have been watching my instastories, you guys would have known that I have been undergoing Laser Treatment sessions for my acne prone skin with Dr Chua Cheng Yu for the past 9 months.

Previously as per shared, you guys would know that I have been receiving treatments with Dr Chua at thefacedoctor since beginning of the year and I have been really pleased with the results of the laser.


My JOURNEY TO BETTER SKIN PART 1 can be viewed here 

And I am very excited to share with everyone that, DR CHUA HAS STARTED HIS VERY OWN CLINIC, VERITAS MEDICAL AESTHETICS!

Located conveniently at CAPITOL PIAZZA, the clinic is a stone's throw away from City Hall Mrt :D
For office ladies, you can get your quick fix of laser/aesthetic treatments during your lunch hour.

As Dr Chua has been really busy with the preparations of his clinic, I stopped laser treatments for about 3 months.

So he is reviewing my skin to check on the condition and I am really glad to say that the past 6 months Laser Treatment conditioned my skin a lot.
But still my skin still needs further conditioning because I still have acne scarring and acne breakout before/during my period.

But i must say the stubborn reddish marks don't stay that long on my skin anymore and the dull skin tone is almost gone too.

 Time to cleanse my skin! 

Here is Esther cleansing my skin for me, ensuring all make up is removed and all impurities are removed from my skin as well.

My skin with no make up on except the Lip stain on my lips.

And now time for the laser treatment!

Knowing Dr Chua for the past half a year, you can expect nothing but quality!

He brought in this new Laser machine, Fotona StarWalker® which is more powerful than the previous QSwitch Laser that treated my skin before.

Why is StarWalker better than QSwitch Laser?

 The multi-modal Acne Laser Facial Technology uses a range of picosecond to long pulse technology to treat severe and recurring acne problems.

 Picosecond technology uses pulse widths a-trillionth of a second to achieve better results with lesser downtime and side effects. 

This treatment uses three different lasers to achieve acne removal by killing the bacteria in acne, eliminate acne scars as well as shrink the sebaceous glands to prevent recurrence of acne. The skin texture is also improved with natural stimulation of collagen to shrink pores and reduce wrinkles. 

Can you imagine using one machine with multiple modes to treat different kinds of acne?!

With the use of a multi-modal approach, it means there is minimum down time with lesser number of sessions needed. 

This treatment is recommended to be done every 2 – 4 weeks, depending on doctor’s consultation

Yes, this is me, squirming because I've not done laser sessions for awhile and honestly, it was slightly more painful as compared to the other lasers sessions I did before.

Firstly, because this is a stronger machine and Dr Chua increased the frequency of the laser.

A few times I was squirming and Dr Chua asked if everything was okay hahahaha
He blew cold air on my face to relieve the pain on my skin but but due to my sinus nose problems, I told him to just blow the cold air on my forehead.


Ah, the price of beauty. :(

He also applied the warm laser on specific areas that I usually have acne/acne scars.
I like this warming laser though hahaha :D

After the laser treament, my skin is reddish.
Especially the areas that were specifically targetted for acne/acne scarring.

This Hydro machine will help to cool your skin down and reduce redness in skin!

The nurse will apply this cold, cooling gel all over your skin and use the applicator around your face.

As you can see below, after one round of application on my skin, skin isn't so red except for certain areas on my face.


This is a bare faced me and my very first laser session with Veritas!

What are the benefits of this laser treatment:
·        Control active acne from mild comedonal to severe nodular acne.
·        Keep shiny and oily skin under control by regulating sebum production.
·        Reduce and unclog larges pores to prevent blackheads and whiteheads.
·        Lighten acne scarring from previous acne episodes.
·        Exfoliate dead cells to correct surface irregularities.

  A few close up shots after the treatments:

Frontal View:

Side View:

Here's a quick comparison from the time BEFORE I started any Laser Treatments:

Skin after my 3rd session of Laser: 


Here's a very big THANK YOU to Dr Chua Cheng Yu for always taking excellent care of my skin!
Under his meticulous effort and care, my skin has improved tremendously over a period of 9 months with him.

Seeing is really believing.

Many of my friends who know me in real life see the results in my skin and how has it transformed so much for the better.

Having good skin does increase my confidence and saves me much more time in mornings especially on days that I wake up late OOPS hahaha :x

Do head down to Veritas Medical Aesthetics and book your appointment with Dr Chua for all your skin/aesthetic concerns today! 
You can check them out here :D

That's all I have for you guys today!

Have a great week ahead , XO

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Sunday, 23 July 2017


Hey guys! 

Some of you have been requesting me to do an updated version of my everyday makeup look!

So I am here to share with you my everyday skin care routine before my makeup and as well as the products I use for my everyday makeup!

If you have followed my on my instatories /previous blogpost /personal friends with me on my facebook, you would have known that I have been undergoing laser treatments with Dr Chua Cheng Yu to treat my post acne breakout scars as well as uneven and dull skin tone..

Ever since I started the treatment, about 6 times in total for now, I started to feel more confident in myself and sometimes I don't even put cc cream when I head out for work! *partly because I woke up late and was rushing ooops*

So every morning chopchop, 
skin care + lipbalm and off I go to work!

It's not a surprise to everyone that skin care is definitely important to all of us, I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to start taking care of your skin early- and so here I am to share with you these bottles of goodness from GOBDIGOUN KOREA! :D

This range consists of Goat Milk Skin care range as well as the Pink bottle of First Step Tinted Moisturizer with Snail Mucin!

Goat's milk is known for whitening and moisturizing for the skin; which is exactly what I needed to for lightening my acne scars! 

This goat milk range contains a concoction of mainly milk protein extract which promises to maintain elasticity and moisture in skin.

I will use this range in the morning before I put my makeup on because its very light weight and the consistency for the range isn't thick; easy to blend and absorb into skin.

I will start off with the Skin Milk Conditioner.

It's consistency is liquid like- very much like a toner.

As usual, I like to pour over my palms and pat into my skin.

Second, I will apply the Skin Milk Facial Lotion. This skin milk facial lotion contains Vitamin C and Vitamin C has whitening properties as well!

Texture is on the creamy side- but it isn't those thick cream kinds, been using it for a month and I've no breakouts so all is good!


Skin feels plump with moisture heh.

Sorry for the yellowish hues above, my camera suddenly decided to change its focus and I tried removing the yellow hues and this is the best I could get...
Fret not! The rest of the photos are true to it's real colour and results 👌🏻

Next, I will apply this First Step Tinted Tone Up Cream.

Again, it's name suggests, it's a cream therefore the consistency is slightly more thicker than the moisturizer!

As you can see below, a little is enough to go, it blends in your skin easily and it's pretty sheer- it doesn't have much concealing effect.

What I feel it does- It will brighten and whiten your overall skin tone.

NEXT UP!!! I am very excited about this when I received it! Just as all of you guys are hahahaha

When I unboxed this *if you saw on my instastories* I received quite a number of DMs asking about this product!

Okay, so this is the tinted moisturizer with SNAIL MUCIN.

Snail mucin is known to be efficient for maintaining moisturizing level and gloss in your skin.

So there's this like, fuschia pink glittery liquid oozing out...

I recommend yall to shake it up a little before squeezing it out, to have a consistency in the liquid.

I tested it out on my hand first before applying on my face...

If you seen my instastory when I unboxed it, I was able to capture how glittery it was on my hand!

It's like a pretty pink highlighter to brighten up your skin, making it look radiant!

The consistency of this is pretty much like the moisturizer above, not too thick and it blends in easily in your skin!

I love all the products because it doesn't leave a sticky finish and it leaves your skin plump with moisture!

So I'm using it as a highlighter and applying it on top of my cheek bones area and forehead.

TADAHHHH Can you see my skin looking more radiant and there's this illuminizing effect?!

 If you're going for the no makeup up look, these are the products I really highly recommend for you 👌🏻

My thoughts on the products:

Personally, I really like this a lot. 

Much more than the previous range that Gobdigoun has sent me- I did a review on Gobdigoun last year on their anti aging products as well, it worked very well for me, esp their cream, it will tone and slim your face, something that everyone wants HAHA.

Although this doesn't have the slimming effect properties like the previous range, but I prefer this range that I was sent to me mainly because it's really lightweight on my skin. 

I don't like the sticky feeling each time I put masks/ moisturizing cream on my skin and all products in this range glides on my skin easily and absorbs fast too.

No down time of waiting for it to dry so I can apply my makeup after.

I think the laser sessions that I had with Dr Chua also played a part, I dont deny hahahaha because the products here maintained my skin after the laser treatments!

So I think it's really a good range to try, especially if for people with combi/oily skin like myself! Personally I use 2 different ranges of products in day time and at night because of my combi skin. :/

I'm not so sure if it will work as well for people who have dry skin as this product MAY NOT be moisturizing enough for you. I don't know, I'm just guessing haha.

And and and I have to add on to say both tinted moisturizers are really amazing!!!!

I've been leaving my house with those above products whenever I'm in a rush for work! 

MY ONLY GRIPE IS THAT it doesn't have any SPF properties :/ So I always have to add on another step of sunblocking or sometimes I will apply cc cream with SPF if I feel that my skin has some breakouts and I want to conceal.

For more information, you can visit their website here:
Or their facebook page!

These are the products that I will use on a daily basis if I'm not late/rushing usually:

Lip balm by NoTS Korea, has really good moisturizing properties and does not leave a sticky feeling on lips 8/10 because it's not in a pretty pink tone! Hahahaha ooops :x

I will apply this Balm Stain in Coral by Wet n Wild, it's my second stick already and I'm loving the shade! 
Im on the tanned side so coral shades usually work well for me :D

If you haven't already, try try try this 
It's CC cream!! I've been raving about it to many of my personal friends- you probably would have heard me telling you that it's really good. 

It blends to my skin tone really well, does not have a cakey finish despite wearing it out for like a good 8-10 hours, and it doesn't oxidize on my skin.

It doesn't clog my pores also OMGGG how awesome is this.


Please, go sephora and purchase this.


A little goes a long way, usually I will apply it as seen below and use my fingers to blend it out!

YAYYYY NEXT UP, eyebrows.

I like to use NAKED 2 eyeshadow palette to shade my brows because I don't really use their dark shades often...

So I tried using them on my brows and yeappp it's pretty pigmented enough to pull off as an eyebrow palette 👌🏻

I will use a spooly brush behind and shade in opposite direction to my brows and then fill my brows in.

Next up, I will use loose powder to mattify my look- so my makeup can last longer!

I am using this buckwheat loose powder in Lavender from Skin food!

Hmmm I don't really have much praises for this, it does what it does. It does it's job by mattifying your skin but it doesn't really have much staying power. 

It's best to touch up a little during mid day and I don't usually bring my makeup out to touch up because I think it's not very hygenic :x

Overall, it's pretty decent, perhaps it will work better on less oilier skin? Haha

Yayyy my fav blush hehe from Etude house! But sadly they seem to discontinue this :( I bought this because Krystal Jung used it in her advert for Etude house and I thought it was really pretty on her!

Again in coral shade, I will apply it on the apple of my cheeks!

Final step, I like mascara. Much more than eyeliner hahaha.

I feel mascara will fan open my lashes more so yeappp makes my eyes look more livier!

Im using Tarte's new mascara.

Hmmm personally I feel that if you have oily eyelids, do prime your lids or apply some loose powder at your eyes because it will smear down :((

Truly disappointed because I wore out a few times without applying the loose powder and during mid day it will smear down making me look a little less than a panda :((

Ah wells.

I've shared with you guys on my thoughts on the products that I use daily- I hope you find them useful and informative!

If you have any questions, do feel free to drop me a question on my or you can always DM me on my instagram (@tintedwhiteroses) !

Once again, thanks Gobdigoun for sending these awesome products my way again! :D

Hope you guys had a fab weekend!