Saturday, 3 October 2015

LOST SG: Singapore's Next Generation Escape Game!

Hello everyoneeeeeee!

I hope I've not lost anyone due to my recent inactivity on my blog :(( I was experiencing some domain issues with the host and yeap, my previous domain is gone, I will be using blogspot for good! :D

Imma back with a post on sharing my experience with LOST SG and imma really excited cause it's my very first time going and I really don't know what to expect!

I brought along with me my BFF Nat and intelligent Desmond with me hahaha, I felt they were the best companions because my BFF does a lot of crazy things with me and Desmond is those 'keep calm and solve' person so he won't be easily be fedup when we can't seem to find anything!

As you know now the hazy weather in Singapore is real bad, all of us are advised to stay in doors as much as possible! Mall shopping can be boring, why not try a fun filled activity with your friends at LOST SG? :D

We were invited to play this Exodus theme game that day!

Before proceeding on to the game, we watched this short introductory clip which tells us more about the mystery that we are going to solve later in the room.

Without further ado, we were led into the game room by the friendly staff of LostSG!
Upon reaching the room, he gave a short briefing on how we could solve our puzzles and what to look out for, etc. Hahahaha honestly I was hoping I won't be a burden LOL!

Anddddd, here we begin!

Looking very serious here LOL, I AM very serious okayyy in trying unlock the treasure box hahaha :D

Thinking and trying to recall what I saw in the video hahahahaha

A sneak peek into the room, we were given 2 torchlights and we had to take turns to use it! 

Scaredy cat me was a little afraid of these animal-looking jars as they looked a little sinister to me hahaha, imma timid I know :/

Can open or not?! Hahaha me trying my luck to push the walls :/

I shall not be a spoiler and reveal more of the room, and make a guess.... Did the 3 musketeers eventually manage to finish within an hour?!







Unfortunately we didn't manage to finish! We were pretty close on finishing it though! 

Hahahaha I had a whale of a time with them inside, there were so many epic and funny moments which I am dying to share with you guys but I can't if not it will be a spoiler for you guys!

We had our polaroids taken and it went up to their wall which consists of the contestants' polaroids! How fun! :D

Le 3 brave musketeers! Hahahahaha imma so glad to have brought you guys with me, we couldn't have been a better team I swear, even though we couldn't finish it! It was really an enjoyable and eye opening experience for me.

I would like to say a big thankyou for having me LostSG! I certainly would recommend trying this at least once in your lifetime and it will definitely be great for company / friends bonding session, because this activity highly promotes teamwork!

Andddd it's give away time!!! Say yay! :D

I have 4 off peak tickets from LostSG to to give away and all of you can participate by simply:

Liking and commenting / sharing my post on instagram ( @tintedwhiteroses ) and the winner(s) will be decided by LostSG!
Don't forget to tag LostSG in your comment/ post too!

Lastly, do remember to like their facebook page here and follow them on their Instagram ( @lostsingapore ) for instant updates!

 So... Are you guys LOST yet? :D ( i love making puns lol )
Hahahaha have an awesome week ahead my dear readers!❤️

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