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Hi guyssss I know it's been awhile!
It's scary to acknowledge that we are almost 3 months into 2017 already!

Today I'm back here to share with you guys my journey to better skin with THEFACEDOCTOR Clinic!

 I was excited to head down for my very first consultation with Dr Chua Cheng Yu for my skin because I've been having recurring bad outbreaks for years ever since my last laser session with Prive Vitale in 2015. :(

Just a quick background on the problems that I face with my skin:

1. Hormonal Acne problems ( I tend to break out one week before my period and the acne can be quite serious and persistant at my lower jaw line area and cheek area as well )

2. Pimple Scarring Issues ( When the pimples dry up, they tend to leave reddish/brownish pimple marks which sadly, takes a long time to go away. Before my next cycle of period comes, I will face reccuring issues on the hormonal pimples on my skin which worsen my entire skin complexion. )

3. Uneven skin tone and dull complexion ( Despite religiously applying my sunblock daily, I guess the rays that I am exposed to daily makes it harder for me to maintain a glowy and even skintone )

Okay, so here we are at the clinic! I was greeted by friendly nurses who handed me the administrative forms to fill in.

After which, I started my consultation session with Dr Chua. I told him about my pertaining concerns which I have with my skin ( as listed above ) .

He looked at my skin and he immediately could find out what was the root of the problem. I have congested pores, white heads and black heads sitting in my pores ( I know it sounds disgusting ), and having oily combination skin caused the breakouts to be worst during the hormonal fluctuations nearing my period.

When speaking to Dr Chua about the concerns on my skin, I felt really comfortable discussing it with him because I felt he was really approachable and patient! 

This is Dr Chua and myself in the photo below.

I always felt that achieving good skin complexion seemed like a dream never coming true and to be honest, my self esteem and confidence was impacted because many people have great complexion but never myself :( needless to say, when I have my period, my skin was in a worser condition and I always have to use foundation to conceal those ugly protruding pimple bumps :( 

I shared with Dr Chua all these concerns and disappointments I had over the years and he understood my frustrations as a patient of trying different products and methods but none seemed to work for me! 

He suggested that I should exfoliate my skin more often to get rid of the black/white heads to prevent congestion of pores, and I should use a facial cleanser with Salicylic acid in the Morning to control my the excess sebum and oil on my skin.

Dr Chua went the extra mile to remove the milia seed on my nose which was caused by an accumulation of dead skin cells and oil which aren't removed effectively by my cleanser and exfoliater! He also helped to do extraction of the white and black heads for a better complexion! :D

In conjunction with the steps that I should do at home daily, Dr Chua recommended the Q SWITCH Laser toning treatment and SPECTRA GOLD Toning treatment to be done concurrently for the best results for my skin.

What does the Q SWITCH Laser do?

Okay basically what it does; The Q Switch laser when administered onto skin, it will penetrate through the skin to regenerate new skin cells underneath. The skin will absorb the laser pulses and break down the pigments in the skin, targetting the scarring problems that I have.


It lightens post acne redness and subdues acne. With gold toning, you can expect to improve on:
1. Post- acne redness after the laser treatment
2. Inflammatory acne
3. Facial and Post-laser flushing
4. Melasma

In a nutshell, when acne subsides naturally or after treatment, your skin can remain reddish, and this can persist for a certain period of time. Gold Toning treatment improves post acne redness by having this yellow laser energy delivered to the inflammatory acne and post acne area. Your skin will absorb the laser energy and it will control the microvasculature through photobiomdulatroy activies.

What to expect when doing the treatment? How do I feel when undergoing the procedure?

Hmm perhaps because I did laser treatment before so I kinda knew what kind of sensation to expect.

It feels like several tiny rubberbands shooting at your face. Personally I have a low threshold level of pain and I think it has been pretty bearable for me? I would say its like 2/10? It will be slightly uncomfortable and there will be a burning smell because of the laser reacting with the hair follicles on your face.

The nurse removing my makeup for me:

For the Gold toning treatment, there will be a warm sensation on your skin, and sometimes you will feel the little rubberbands shooting on your skin because it is a laser treatment afterall.

This is my skin before the treatment:
( be warned it is really unsightly sigh. I feel so ashamed about baring my super bad skin condition on my blog but yeah. This was how bad it is! Look at the reddish pimple marks and some acne on my chin :/ )

This was right after the laser:

Although there were slight reddish flushings on my skin, my skin is actually glowing and more radiant! If you follow me on insta and view my insta stories you would have seen it for yourself! I was really pleased to see my skin glow after such a long time it has been dull :(

I went for my second appointment a few days before CNY, and there was already improvement on my skin! My jawline was less clogged and my left cheek's pimple scars were lightened by a lot and some was even gone!

I did not take the photos before the treatment but I took it after the treatment!

With only sunblock applied on my skin for the above photo.

day after the treatment!

I had only sunblock on my skin because I was running late for work that day and I am waiting for my shuttle bus to come haha.

All the photos are taken by natural lighting and not even a slight editing of the photo was done because I want to show you guys how real are the results!
If you seen my instastories, you would have seen it yourself on how my skin condition is right after the treatment itself!

I am really really pleased and really loving the glow and radiance on my skin! Also, kudos to Dr Chua for going the extra mile to remove the black heads on my nose and white nose around my cheek/ jawline area to achieve this flawless look!

Make up application is definitely a lot better because the pores aren't clogged like before and yes, this is a selfie I took during CNY! I received compliments from people around me telling me my skin really became much better than before!

I headed down for my 3rd appointment just last Friday and this time, Dr Chua increased the intensity of the laser for me. It hurt slightly more, but still bearable. This time I had aloe vera mask applied to my skin after the session.

Yeapp, basically this is how your skin will look like right after the laser treatment!
Dr Chua says that my skin still needs further conditioning in order to achieve the flawless skin look!

In addition, Dr Chua will always follow up with a text the next day or two to check with me if everything is alright. I am really appreciative of his efforts and I would really highly recommend Dr Chua Cheng Yu to you guys if you are thinking of heading down to The Facedoctor Clinic!

Once again, I am really thankful to Dr Chua for his professionalism and patience with me all this time not forgetting The Facedoctor Clinic as well!

With that, this will be the end of the first part of my Journey to better skin!

Seeyou guyzzzz! ❤️

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